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German paper industry: positive balance for 2017

On average, the German paper industry achieved a positive balance in the year 2017 and has optimistic expectations for the future. This was explained during the annual press conference by the president of the Verband Deutscher Papierfabriken (German Paper Association), Winfried Schaur.

The turnover of the industry has increased by 3.2 per cent to 17.7 billion Euros in the year 2017. The companies have distributed nearly 23 million tons of paper, carton and cardboard. This is by 1.4 per cent more compared to the previous year. The growth of the paper industry shows that it is a firm component of numerous value-added chains. 45 per cent of the sales went abroad and the number of employees remained stable at around 40,000.

Concerning paper recycling, the sector was able to grow considerably. More than 17 million tons of waste paper were re-processed to new paper last year and the utilisation rate of waste paper has been 74 per cent. Therefore, the paper industry stays a perfect role model for a sustainable recycling economy, according to the president of the VDP. However, this circle only works when the inevitable loss of fibre is balanced out by adding fresh fibre into the process. While doing so, the consequent implementation of a sustainable forestry is vital. As the worldwide demand for pulp is growing, the price is increasing as well, according to Schaur. Also the considerably higher costs for transportation distresses the paper industry.

(Source: VDP – Verband deutscher Papierfabriken)

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